Solano Stroll 2010

Solano Stroll this year provided a great way for the local community to see and interact with the Build residents and our volunteers and board. A special group of young volunteers from Albany High, headed by Natasha Aggarwal, did a wonderful job of setting up a colorful booth with information about our organization, and stayed up all night baking cookies to give away to the many children and families that show up for this unique community event on Solano Avenue in Berkeley.

The Fair

Solano Stroll highlights the merchants and businesses along Solano Avenue, but it also is a street fair. There are booths, vendors and music, and booths that showcase the diversity of the many non-profit and community minded organizations that call Berkeley home. We were proud to be among them.

Who Was There

Volunteers and Board Members took turns staffing the booth and talking to people who stopped by about the mission of the organization. Clients participated for about an hour before lunch giving out cookies.


The volunteers from local high schools also conducted a raffle, with passerby buying tickets for $1 each. Prizes were donated by a board member. Several families signed up to volunteer, and a few people offered to donate their time. Many people expressed surprise that our organization operated a facility, as we apparently did not fit their idea of what a care facility could be like. What we all enjoyed was seeing friends and acquaintances, and speaking to them about our involvement.

“One of the things that is so great about this is seeing all the people come by who we know from other parts of our lives. This is really great.”
-Lise Karler, Board Member

Our youth enjoyed speaking with and interacting with their fellow high school and middle school students and others that stopped to by to say hello. Our residents also enjoyed the delicious curry and naan, and the bbq from nearby food booths.

Next Year

We hope that this event will continue to be a Build tradition, so if you live in Berkeley, look for us next year at the Solano Stroll! See you next year!