Over the past 17 years the Build House has done its best to put our residents first, and as a result our wonderful residents have blossomed into (gasp!) adults! As a result, Build has transitioned to a home for adults with disabilities, which means we have gone through a rebranding of sorts: the Build House aka Berkeley Individuals Living with Disabilities!

To celebrate, we are having a “re-warming” as an opportunity for the greater Build community to see what the residents have been up to! Please see the invite below

Also, stay tuned for an exciting fundraising event to be announced for this Spring/Summer 2020!

Rebuild Day gives Build House a new look!

Fresh Paint

In the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., about 40 volunteers from Kaiser Permanente showed up at Build House eager to roll up their sleeves and get ready for some home improvement on MLK, Jr. Day this year.

Volunteers from several of Kaiser’s East Bay campuses painted our office, several bedrooms and the living room under the supervision of the local chapter of Rebuilding Together East Bay, the national leader in non-profit low income housing repair. They also helped with some yard work and painted a fence and some railings. Kaiser Permanente schedules a regional day of service for their employees on the holiday to give back to the community. Clients and families organized a thank you later in the day for the volunteers.

Kitchen Update Coming Soon

Next month, on April 18th and 19th, Rebuilding Together will pull out all the stops for a complete kitchen remodel, including a brand new restaurant quality freezer and refrigerator donated by East Bay Restaurant Supply. Flooring will be donated by Anderson Carpet, and labor and installation by Wood Street Builders and a team of volunteers, many of them licensed contractors, led by experienced general contractor and master carpenter Khaia McGill. The team will remove old cabinetry, install new cabinets and countertops and arrange for disposal and cleanup. Build House donors have generously provided funds for the materials, the only portion of the cost that Rebuilding Together does not cover.

Build House Welcomes Anthony!


This week, preparations for welcoming our sixth client (to fill a vacancy left by Hedy, who returned home to live with her family) became complete. Anthony, a teen from Oakland, will be living near his family for the first time since he moved into residential care. Anthony was living in a facility in Los Angeles, as his mother was told this was the closest appropriate placement. She has been struggling ever since to try to bring him home. Anthony’s family is excited about seeing their struggle realized, and we are happy to welcome them to the Build House family.

May 2009

Welcome to the newest iteration of Build House’s website!

Hello, friends, and welcome!

It should come as no surprise to anyone that keeping up with the online universe takes some serious dedication. Since we’ve got lots of other things to do, this is one area we’ve fallen behind on, but no longer.We’re keeping up with the Joneses… and the Sergey Brins, Larry Pages and Mark Zuckerbergs. We might even get on facebook one of these days.

So, welcome to our new WordPress webpage! We love free stuff, especially when it helps us do our job better. Which includes giving you, our community, the information you need. We’re going to have lots of fun with all the neat things it can do! Including keeping up with the doings of our clients year round. Donating online. Looking at pictures. Viewing our wishlist. Reading about issues or legislation that affects persons with developmental disabilities. Or finding links to other great organizations. You can also use our calendar to find out when we’re having a party, a board meeting you’d like to attend, or a special event needing volunteers.

All this, and you can even be a part of it! Send us your photos, ideas for blog entries, a special anecdote, comments or questions to:

Volunteers from UC Berkeley accompany clients on an outing