Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Unlike many other non-profits, our board is a working board. Board members participate in the workings of the facility and the doings of the clients. We raise funds, put on events and parties, train new staff, volunteer, and even help clean the house on Spring Cleaning day! We also honor the contributions of past board members, for without their incredible donations of time, energy and labor, Build House would not exist. Our board also has an outstanding record for donor participation.

Current Board of Directors

  • Jason Lauterjung – Board President
  • Lise Karler – Vice President
  • Elizabeth Vollmer – Secretary
  • Maria Negrete – Treasurer
  • Ailene Romero – Board Member
  • Racquel Robinson – Executive Director


Past Board Members/Advisory Board

  • Sherry Novick
  • Steve Rosenbaum
  • Robert Carter, Software Developer
  • Jo Fox, Physical Therapist
  • Pam Hunt, Ph.D
  • Cathy Camenga, RN
  • Shay Williams
  • Beverly Libaire
  • Frances Grahamjones, Speech Pathologist
  • Lillian Lea, CPA
We honor your service to the organization!