Our Mission and Programs


BUiLD was founded with a specific vision: to provide a model home for adults with developmental disabilities. BUiLD provides an environment that fosters the opportunity for growth with the continued involvement of family and friends in a community-based setting. BUiLD is one of a kind as the only Intermediate Care Facility, Habilitative designation (ICF-DDH) in the East Bay. BUiLD believes that ALL individuals are entitled to develop to their highest potential and live fulfilling lives.


Each resident has an Individual Service Plan that is targeted towards the specific individual and aimed at increasing proficiency in life skills, communication, social development, and independence. BUiLD provides a unique family-style environment that represents a partnership between the staff and professionals who serve this population. BUiLD places a premium on community recreation and Integration with ALL of our residents involved in community based programs.

The Future

Currently, we are the only East Bay non-profit providing residential care as a licensed Intermediate Care Facility-Developmentally Disabled Habilitative ICF-DDH. Our goal is to continue to provide innovative care and partnerships with our residents.